Cotton curtain and its types

Cotton curtain and its types


Are you interested in giving a new look to your home and don’t have any idea what to use and why to use it?

As we all know, cotton curtains have been popular among people for a long time. Additional liner is used for giving strength to curtains but when we discuss cotton curtains its weave is heavy and no liner is required for this purpose. If you are draping the curtain in a sunny area like a balcony then you should attach an extra piece of cotton as a liner. It helps to bear sun rays. These curtains are washable and never become heavier when washed. Try to choose the color of the curtain which suits your interior. By hanging stylish curtains you can easily change the complete look of your home and make it just like new.

How many types of the cotton curtain are being used at home?

There are so many kinds of cotton curtain curtains in the market. People can choose it according to their budget. The Most demanded curtains are madras curtains. These cotton curtains are well known for their bold colors and have an unlimited design in them. It’s over the background in the design prepared on muslin weave. These curtains are different because it gives double weave and produces a new design for the cotton curtain.

Cotton duck curtain

Cotton curtain duck curtains are equally popular for wall and window covering purposes. These curtains have thick fabric which gives a good impression when draped. These cotton curtains are available in different designs and colors and customers can choose them according to their home interior.

Twill cotton curtains

These curtains are available in extra-large sizes. All colors are available in twill curtains. These curtains are available in all sizes and give a pleasant look when placed on windows or doors.

Gingham cotton curtain

Gingham Cotton curtains are mostly available in check design. All kinds of checks are available in this pattern. Most people hang these curtains in the kitchen and for other small widows, it gives a good look when draped.

Cotton curtains are available in all colors. These curtains are found in so many colors even the combination of light and dark colors is superb. You can also choose single-shade curtains for your kitchen. Cotton curtains are ideal because these curtains are lighter in weight as compared to others. Try to buy a design that can be washed.


Cleanliness needs complete attention and time because if you drape an expensive curtain but never take care of it then the curtain does not give a good impression. It is necessary to make the curtain clean from daily dirt. Try to buy a curtain which can be washed easily. Avoid using extraordinary chemicals while washing. Its color becomes lighter or fades soon. The cotton curtain can shrink after washing and needs iron which is a difficult task.  The upper surface of the cotton curtain becomes rough which gives ugly look. You can also use a vacuum cleaning machine to make the curtains dirt free.