How Desktop Printer Technology Has Changed?


Printing has widely evolved to reach the form that we all see today. Initially, after Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press; electrophotography which is now called xerography and used by Xerox Corporation was innovated and gained popularity. But that has not been the last one. Today, we have high speed printers providing high functionality at workplaces, schools, and a plethora of other places. 

Each year significant improvements are observed, a few of which are mentioned below-

A] Wireless

Wireless printing is not a new discovery but printing using devices other than desktop is certainly a new development. Today, mobiles and tablets too can be used to edit, format, create and print documents, thereby allowing flexibility. Anyone can access printers through installation of software, which makes the device compatible with the printer. 

B] Output quality 

With time, imagery is getting more refined, clear, and crisp. The toner and inkjet spray determine the finery of the output. Digital printing and color laser printing produces high quality images. Not only this, the prints can also be obtained on different materials quite easily, serving wide range of purposes. 

C] Speed

In the older days, one had to be very patient when it came to printing. But today, the speed of printers has been significantly increased to meet the increased demand. Laser models are gaining popularity for printing several pages per minute. Even inkjet model speed has boosted but laser is still superior. 

D] Functions

Printers just print is no more true. Sure, the market still has printers serving only one purpose but the market is also brimming with Printers that multifunction. They can print, scan, copy, and fax instantly. Some are even advanced to accept voice commands and can be operated handsfree. A few are equipped to automatically employ more ink when machine runs low. All of this is done with extreme simplicity through internet and connectivity. 

There is a wide competition amongst companies manufacturing printers due to their increased demand. This is beneficial to the buyers since they gain access to several offers. The evolution of printers continues today with increased flexibility, mobility etc. TSC Printers manufacture a large selection of desktop printers which are customizable and also affordable. All printers come with a standard high resolution, remote printer management, and RFID. They are all technologically advanced and one can choose what suits best for their industry.