14 Little Known Facts About Large Single Beds


If you are contemplating buying a new large single bed but are unsure if the 3ft 6 large single bed is the best size to fit your room, this post should help you decide if it is the right choice depending on your room size and sleeping situation.

  1. A small single bed also called a compact single, is the smallest standard bed size available in the UK. The large single is one foot wider, measuring 3ft 6 inches wide.
  2. Bedsits, converted lofts, and guest rooms are a good fit for a big single. A large single bed saves space compared to a double and will accommodate two children or two smallish adults.
  3. A quality single bed will see children through from when they outgrow a cot into adulthood, although a couple of mattress changes will likely be needed.
  4. A large single measures 3’6″ x 6’3″. This is the standard length for single and double beds in the UK.
  5.  The large single bed offers a comfortable compromise between a double or regular single bed. It is perfect for adults or teenagers who want space to move when they sleep while not taking up too much room in small bedrooms.
  6. While you won’t find many shops selling 3 ft 6-inch quilts, both a single duvet and a double will adequately fit a large single mattress. 
  7. You can find fitted sheets for 3ft 6 beds.
  8. This bed size is ideal for teenagers as it gives them a more adult bed style. It is also perfect for the elderly or bedridden who spend a lot of time in bed, as it provides space for books and other activities. 
  9. You can find 3ft 6″ mattresses in all types, from open coil to memory foam, to orthopaedic.
  10. As a general rule, like all other mattress sizes, a large single should be changed after around eight years. If you sleep on a mattress for 8 hours a night for eight years, the bed will endure 23,360 hours of use during this time.
  11. To improve its life and performance, it’s advised to rotate and turn a new mattress over every two weeks for the first 2-3 months of use and then every month thereon. If it’s a single-sided mattress, rotate it instead of turning it.
  12. Large single bed bases come in wood, upholstered fabric, leather, faux leather, and metal.
  13. A 3ft 6 bed is more expensive than a standard single but usually cheaper than a double bed.
  14. This size bed is one of the least sold sizes in the UK, but this is likely because not everyone is aware it is a standard UK bed size.

And now for some fun facts about beds in general:

  1. The Romans and ancient Greeks ate their meals in bed.
  2. Wealthy Egyptians had beautifully carved bed legs, but the bottom legs were shorter than the top set, so their feet were lower than their head. They often had a footrest to keep them from sliding out of bed.
  3. The 1400s saw the advent of the four-poster bed. These beautiful beds were a status symbol, and a person needed staff to help them enter through the complicated drapery.
  4. Christians used to believe they were vulnerable to evil spiritual attacks when sleeping as the devil’s powers peaked during darkness. This resulted in a huge amount of bedtime rituals.
  5. In the Early Modern period, the wealthy invested an extraordinary amount of time and money in their beds. Depending on your status, you would have up to six mattresses piled on top of one another, and a bed would account for around one third of your assets. 
  6. In his will, Shakespeare left his second-best bed to his wife.