All your wanted to know about electric standing desks


For the unversed, a standup or standing desk allows to stand and sit at will. These desks are great for professionals who have desk-manning jobs. There are all kinds of standup desks in the market, but electric models are easily among the best. Something like a PrimeCables electric standing desk can cost around $200 or more. So, should you buy one? Check some of the important aspects below.

Are electric standing desks worth the hype?

With a standing desk, you don’t have to sit for long hours in a row, and that’s great news for your spine and back. There is some evidence to suggest that standing for more time can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, sitting for long hours can cause obesity, metabolic diseases, and type 2 diabetes. Standing desks are also known for enhancing productivity. 

Electric desks are slightly better than the manually-adjustable standing desk. Firstly, electric variants are easy to use, and you can change positions at the push of a button. Some of the advanced models even have alarm systems, so the table will remind that you have been standing or sitting for long. 

Buy one like a pro

If you are new to buying electric standing desks, we would recommend that you check the features first. Check if the product has a touch panel or push buttons and how quickly it can work when needed. Online stores are your best bet for buying standing desks. You can find a wider range of choices, and more importantly, you can get amazing deals and discounts. Remember that many electric standing desks do not have an additional tabletop, which will add to the final price of the table. Also, check the weight capacity of the table, especially if you are someone who always had a huge desk. 

The actual shift

When you start using an electric standing desk, it could be hard to understand if and how it’s helping your work, but you are likely to see a difference within a short time. If your desk doesn’t have an alarm system, make sure to take a break and switch between positions at least once in every two hours. Used regularly, you will feel a difference in how your back and spine feel after the end of a tiring day. 

Check online for electric standing desks and don’t forget to review at least a few options.