Best Credit Cards for Petrol Discounts Cashback Comparison


If there is something all Singaporeans love, it is an excellent discount rate. When it pertains to choosing a credit card, everybody will consider what advantages, as well as benefits the particular card, offers, whether it may be discount rates on food, movies, buying, and so on. For vehicle proprietors, petrol rebates will absolutely be high up on their concern lists. Here, we suss out the four best petrol credit cards 2022.

  • Citi Money Back Card

Providing to 20.88 per cent price cut on petroleum at the two most popular terminals in Singapore, Shell and Esso, this is the card that will cover several bases for the majority of motorists. The card provides to 18 per cent immediate price cut on petroleum, 5 per cent site discount + five per cent Smiles or Retreat card discount rate + 4 per cent Citi Card discount with Esso or five to 6 per cent at Shell relying on petrol grade, in addition to eight per cent Citi cash back on your net acquisition, which amounts to 6.88 per cent discount, eight per cent of 86 per cent. At various other petrol stations, you additionally receive 8 per cent cashback.

Furthermore, you get 8 per cent cashback in all grocery stores and dining worldwide. Yes, worldwide. All other retail investing is granted with 0.25 per cent cashback. You might make the instance that this is the granddaddy of credit cards for drivers.

  • HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

This card provides a 20.2 per cent reduction in petrol price at Caltex petrol stations. At the pump, you get an immediate 16 per cent discount rate, 5 per cent site discount rate + 9 per cent HSBC card discount rate + 2 per cent outside fuel payment price cut.

In addition, with a minimum of $800 total investing monthly for all three months in a quarter, you obtain an extra five per cent cash refund.

This five per cent money discount additionally relates to grocery stores along with recurring cable/mobile internet/TV costs settlements. The card also uses a 2 per cent refund on all eating, omitting hotel eating.

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  • UOB One Card

As part of the UOB Petrol Power program, you reach delight in up to 24 per cent savings at SPC, along with as much as 21.15 per cent at Shell.

For SPC, you obtain a 15 per cent instant discount, a 10 per cent SPC&U Card price cut + a 5 per cent UOB Card price cut. You get an additional five per cent UOB Card Deal with a minimum of $51 net petroleum spending. At Shell, you appreciate a 17 per cent instantaneous price cut, a 5 per cent site price cut + a 5 per cent Shell Escape Card discount rate + seven per cent Shell-UOB price cut.

Additionally, the UOB One Card likewise uses a 5 per cent cash discount on all investments, with a minimum of $2,000 spent monthly for every certifying quarter with at least 3 purchases monthly. You can additionally take pleasure in approximately 10 per cent SMART$ refunds at over 400 outlets in Singapore.

  • OCBC 365 Credit Card

At Caltex, you can stand up to 23 per cent financial savings on Platinum 98 petrol. This includes a 16 per cent immediate discount, 5 per cent terminal price cut + 11 per cent OCBC card price cut, in addition to a five per cent fuel cashback, with a minimum of $600 overall petrol and non-petrol investing, as well as an additional $10 month-to-month refund, with a minimum of $300 net regular monthly petrol acquisition. On all other grades of fuel and diesel, you can receive up to 21.1 per cent financial savings.

The OCBC 365 card additionally offers up to 18.3 per cent fuel cost savings at Esso. On top of the 14 per cent immediate discount, 5 per cent Esso Grins Card discount + 5 per cent site discount + four per cent OCBC card discount rate, you additionally get an additional 4.3 per cent discount, comparable to the OCBC 365 five per cent cashback on the net acquisition, when you charge a minimum of $600 to your card monthly.

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