Can You File A Bike Insurance Claim With A Temporary Registration Number?


All new vehicles in India are first issued a temporary registration number on purchase. This also applies to new bikes, allowing bike owners to legally ride them on Indian roads without getting penalised.

However, you may ask if your bike insurance policy purchased with a temporary registration number allows you to file for claims. — And if so, do bike owners get compensated for their losses during accidents?

All of these doubts will be discussed in this blog. Read on to find out.

When is a Temporary Vehicle Registration Used for Online Two-Wheeler Insurance?

A bike registration number is required for policy purchases, renewals, and claims processes. So, a temporary vehicle registration number is issued first because getting issued a permanent bike registration number can take quite some time.

The temporary bike registration number is allotted to a new bike by the dealer to ensure legal compliance until it can be replaced with a permanent registration number. The temporary registration number will be valid for one month.

Moreover, since a bike registration number is required when buying online two-wheeler insurance, the first bike insurance policy for a brand-new bike is issued based on its engine and chassis number.

Hence, during this one-month period, you must register your bike with your nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) and get your permanent registration issued as soon as possible.

Are You Eligible for a Bike Insurance Claim Process With Temporary Vehicle Registration?

Yes, bike owners are eligible to raise insurance claims with temporary vehicle registration, so long as they have valid insurance for their bikes.

This temporary number can be updated later on through your insurer by:

  • The insurer contacting you for a Service/Feedback/Welcome/Endorsement Call, etc., where they will ask for the bike registration number and update it on their records.
  • Or, on policy renewal, you can ask the insurer to update your bike registration number. This is a mandatory detail that must be provided on policy purchase or renewal (unless the bike is brand-new), so ensure you get your bike permanently registered before this.

How to Claim Insurance for Your Bike With Temporary Vehicle Registration?

● Step 1: Contact Your Insurer

The first step would be to inform your insurer of the event/accident once it has occurred, and they will ask for your temporary bike registration number. Do not move your vehicle from its spot in case of an accident.

Moreover, you must also report the incident to your local police station and get an FIR copy to submit to your insurer in case of third-party damages.

● Step 2: Fill Out and Submit Your Claims Form

The next step in the bike insurance claim process would be to fill out and submit your claims form. This entire process can be done online on the insurer’s website. The form can be downloaded from the insurer’s website, filled out, and re-uploaded.

For offline claims processes, you can visit the insurer’s nearest branch office, and an insurance agent will guide you through filling out and submitting your claims form.

● Step 3: Bike Assessment and Evaluation

Next, the insurer will dispatch a surveyor or inspector to asses the extent of damages incurred to your bike. Depending on their assessment, your insurer can accept or reject your claims.

Always ensure you provide as much detail as possible of the incident and answer all questions honestly.

● Step 4: Get Your Bike Repaired

Upon approval of your claim insurance for the bike, you can get your bike repaired either at a network garage or any other service centre of your choosing.

  • If you get it repaired at a network garage, you can opt for a cashless claim where the insurer settles the bill directly with the network garage, and you only pay the deductibles.
  • You can opt for a reimbursement claim for non-network garages or service centres. In this case, save and maintain all your repair receipts and bills; you must submit them to your insurer for reimbursement.


Every new bike owner gets a temporary registration number from their dealer with a one-month validity. This ensures legal compliance and gives the bike owner ample time to apply for a permanent bike registration number and get it issued.

Moreover, your bike insurance policy will still cover you for losses when bought with a temporary registration number. We recommend buying a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy from reputed insurers like Tata AIG to ensure adequate coverage.

They offer cheap bike insurance policies and easy claims processes to ensure that any claims you file are processed immediately, and you are compensated for your losses.