CNC vs Manual Lathe – Advantages and differences


The industrial revolution and subsequent change in modern lifestyle have greatly impacted the way people look at machines. In the beginning, there was an ignorant resistance to the usage of machines for carrying out work. It was viewed as a challenge to the working class and was resented by the people in general.

But gradually the attitude started to change when the same people realized that by reducing the hard labor machines created more jobs rather than diminishing them.

Reputed and age-old companies like LOCUS Precision have enabled the integration of quality work and deadline fulfillment by the extensive collaboration between experienced workers and high-precision machines.

The turning process is one of the most popular industrial grade activities that is carried out for various applications. Rotating a metal job by using the using high power motors while holding it steady using a mechanical jaw-called chuck- and modeling it in the required shape and size is called turning. It is a rather complicated but precise machining process.

There are mainly two types of turning processes:

  • CNC lathe Machining
    • Manual lathe machining

Both these processes have the inherent advantage of being turning jobs that can deliver high-quality products. But some features of the CNC lathe machine outshines the precision and finish of the manual lathe.

A manual lathe is a machine that is used to turn jobs that require precision, but the tolerance level is not very strict. Also, in a manual lathe, the machine is hand-run by trained professionals.

The expertise of the operator is a decisive factor in the quality and finish of the job. High precision jobs required highly skilled and experienced professionals to carry them out.

But complex and irregular shapes can be made using a manual lathe. This is because the lathe operator himself maneuvers the movement of the job concerning the stationary tool.

In contrast, a CNC lathe is known for its precision and ease of operation. Computer Numerical Controlled lathe is a machine that is mostly operated by a computer-based program and requires minimum human intervention. It is used for extremely high precision work and requires high-grade tools.

CNC lathe machines are not only precise but also invoke minimum error. This is because a CNC is not operated by human hands but rather run by pre-programmed computers. Using a CNC lathe, we can greatly improve the time and speed of production.

To conclude, taking the service of high-end CNC machines from reputed machining companies can save your time and money.