Facts About Scoliosis That Every Patient Should Know About


Some spinal conditions might be difficult to understand because they are rare. They are also difficult to tell, especially if you do not know how and when they present. Therefore, you must gather information about various spinal conditions for your benefit.

Doing so gives you an idea of how such conditions present and at what age they are easily detected. You can learn more about scoliosis by seeking McKinney scoliosis services, where everything about the condition is taught. Below are some of the facts you should know about scoliosis.

Early diagnosis is key

Every parent must ensure that their children attend regular checkups for early diagnosis and treatment for conditions like scoliosis. Suppose the condition is diagnosed before your child develops a growth spurt. Your care provider can provide the best therapy to prevent the curve from worsening.

Common signs of scoliosis include uneven hips or shoulders. However, it is painless and easily goes undetected until a physical examination is performed. You can easily note the curve in children aged between ten and twelve.

Scoliosis has no known cause

Most parents usually begin asking themselves what they could have done to prevent scoliosis. But the answer is so simple that it is not their fault that a child has been diagnosed with scoliosis, and they could not tell. The reason is that the disease has no known cause or prevention method.

Other parents also often ask whether the condition is caused by heavy backpacks or bad posture. The answer is usually no, even though the two are factors associated with other back and spine problems. However, they are not the cause of scoliosis.

Only a few cases of scoliosis require treatment

A large number of scoliosis patients automatically think that they will require treatment for their condition. However, it is not the case because only a small percentage will require bracing, approximately thirty percent. Another ten percent of the patients will need surgery.

Scoliosis is a manageable condition, especially if diagnosed early, and hence no need to be scared if your kid is diagnosed with the condition. For kids who are still growing, your care provider might use an external torso brace to prevent further worsening of scoliosis. With a brace, your child can live a normal life and participate in activities like other children.

Surgery has good outcomes

Surgery is usually not the first line of treatment and is recommended when other therapies are ineffective. During surgery, the parent signs the consent to allow surgeons to operate on the child. Even if it is usually a hard decision for you as a parent, it turns out to be the best you will ever make for your kind.

Most care providers advise parents to allow their kids to undergo surgery early when it is simple because a small part of the spine requires it to be fixed. The care providers also require parents and friends to support the kid during recovery. The outcomes of the surgery are also outstanding.

You do not have to worry or be afraid if your kid gets diagnosed with scoliosis today. When the condition is detected and treated early, there is hope for preventing the curve from progressing. As a result, your kid can live an active and normal life.

Your kid can undergo an early diagnosis of scoliosis by scheduling an appointment at Kurv 02 today. The care providers focus on diagnosing the condition and offering the best treatment to allow your kid to live a normal life. You can also research more on various therapies available for scoliosis for your good.