Mosque carpet Importance

Mosque carpet Importance


We all heard a lot about mosque carpets but still, we want to know about it because it’s a heart-touching topic, especially slims. All Muslims want to know more and more about this topic. Here we will share with you some aspects of the mosque carpet.

As Muslims, we should know that spiritual purity is demanded in the Islam religion.  Even Without spirituality you cannot pray or recite the holy Quran. The things which are related to the Islam are holy Quran and (The mosque carpet) Mosque carpet IN a protective layer between prayer and the floor. According to Hades Cleanliness is half of faith. As per consider to this Hades Mosque carpets are placed on floors to give protection from dust.

The mosque carpets are a tradition of the Islam religion. And gives an attractive look to the people who offer prayers in the mosque. A wide range of designs and colors are found in a mosque carpet.  Many historians describe symbols on mosque carpets like the holy Kabba, mihrab, globe, and more. The professionals weave all these symbols into the mosque Carpet.  Mosque carpet can’t be changed daily; it might be changed once or twice a year. So tough and sturdy fabric should be chosen to weave mosque carpets. Mostly Mosque carpets are made from velvet, Different types of velvet are used to make mosque carpet

Carpet stuff should be tough enough, can bear heavy traffic of prayers and never slips and wrinkles may not be seen on them. Otherwise, prayer is face-hardened during prayer and cannot offer to pray easily. Lots of people go for prayer in the mosque and offer prayers in a row for the sake of this purpose the mosque carpets are probably bigger and wider than the Muslim rug for prayer,

Mosque carpets are available in so many colors. All its colors are good and give them piously. No matter which carpet is placed at the mosque for prayers people come there and offer prayers. Most wealthy people donate mosque carpets to the management of the mosque.

The design of mosque carpets came to us from our ancestors. These designs help prayer to make a vision of God. like a lamp shows that Allah can see all things even in darkness. The wall Indicates the direction of Mecca and Medina the flower and trees indicate nature and paradise created by Allah.

If a person offers prayer who has never visited Mecca or Medina when he sees these Islamic symbols on the mosque carpet. His heart began to cry, and he saved all his money to visit these sacred places. He offers to pray with new thought and enthusiasm that may Almighty call me to these sacred places. As Muslims, we all know Mecca and Medina are the holy places and the first choice of Almighty Allah. Our beloved God accepts all our prayers and wishes. We asked him about these Places. Allah never denies it.