Furniture upholstery—Factors and Considerations


Choosing the right furniture upholstery fabric is very important in any upholstery project you undertake. Keep in mind that the only fabric you choose will make or break your furniture’s aesthetics. Therefore, you may need to consider the following factors when choosing any furniture upholstery fabric.

  1. Price

The price of every upholstery fabric varies depending upon the type of quality and material. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to spend a lot to get a quality fabric. Many comfortable and high-performing upholstery fabrics are now available for cheap rates in the market. If your budget is tight, make sure to measure the amount of fabric your piece of furniture needs to be upholstered. This would help you estimate the costs and you can buy your desired furniture upholstery fabric.

  1. Aesthetics

Every type of furniture upholstery fabric creates a different feeling. It can accent your furniture and blend into your interior. Therefore, it is very important to consider the type of fabric that can fit well your décor. Bold color fabrics can become the center of attention in any room and are perfect for larger spaces. Neutral color upholstery fabrics, on the other hand, are ideal for smaller spaces. So, always keep in mind your existing décor when choosing upholstery fabric.

  1. Durability

The most important factor to consider while choosing any upholstery fabric is its durability. For this, a few things have to be taken into consideration like where the fabric will be placed, what it will be used for, presence of pets and kids. Answers to these questions will let you know how durable you need your upholstery fabric to be.

  1. Maintenance

When it comes to upholstery cleaning and maintenance, leather comes out as the winner as it doesn’t cling to debris and can be wiped down easily. On the other hand, fabrics like velvet can get stained easily. Silk is considered one of the worsts types of upholstery fabric that needs to be cleaned professionally when gets stained. As you can see, every fabric requires a different cleaning method. If you don’t have enough time to spend on upholstery cleaning, consider the fabrics that are machine washable.

  1. Treatments and Coatings

Some fabrics are treated to be resistant to fading, fire, stains, and so on. This will alter the natural feel and features of the fabric. Moreover, these treatments left some fabrics with no breathability so vapor and sweat can dissipate. This will make the fabric frigid during the winter and humid and hot during the summer. Of course, it doesn’t always happen with every fabric type.

  1. Natural or Synthetic

It is very important to consider whether you need a natural fabric or a synthetic one. Natural furniture upholstery fabrics include leather, silk, wool, linen, vinyl, and cotton blend. All options are good on their own. However, synthetic furniture upholstery fabrics can be budget-friendly and offer similar comfort and durability.

Always remember that the kind of furniture upholstery can have a major impact on the aesthetics of your home. Not only the colors of the fabric, but its pattern, and texture can make or break your room. Therefore, it is very important to focus on the above factors before making any upholstery fabric your final choice!