How Do You Take Care of a Water-Logged Hot Tub Cover?


Prior to changing the foam core, air drying out may be the remedy. Proceed with care, but felt confident, it is feasible!

  • Remove the hot spa cover. Very carefully unzip the plastic “skin” as well as get rid of each item of the foam core.
  • Place or lay the foam in a sunny part of your yard to allow air to distribute below.
  • Turn the vinyl skin over as well as completely dry the inside of the skin with a towel. Also, area it in a bright area.
  • Spray within the vinyl cover and each surface area of the foam items with a mold and mildew inhibitor as well as permit to dry.
  • Turn the cover over, put the foam items back inside as well as close the zipper. If the vapor barrier bag/cover splits, you can buy new bags.

Do Not Sit or Put Hefty Things on The Cover

This one is a large no. The reason for it is that it can cause the cover to damage. You might not see it considering that it takes a long period of time but once the cover fractures water will gradually begin to pass through into the foam core. At some point, it will cause making your hot tub cover waterlogged, as well as super heavy.

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Ensure Your Water Chemistry Is Top Notch

An additional part is the water chemistry. What this converts into is truly bad water balance which results in corrosion. What deterioration gradually does is that it breaks down the vapor blockade around the cores of the foam.

There is likewise a suggestion to try to maintain the cover off, weather condition permitting, for regarding an hour to two after you include chemicals to the jacuzzi. What this will do is it will enable the chemicals to gas out without harming the vapor obstacle. It will primarily protect against the vapors from rising from the water and decomposing the vapor obstacle of the jacuzzi cover.

Obtain High-Quality Vapor Obstacle

See to it to update to the best that you can discover, as soon as you decide to obtain a new one. The vapor obstacle is the plastic-wrap surrounding the foam in the cover. The main purpose of it is to shield the foam to absorb the water.