Is Audit Defense Worth It?


During a time when people have become more aware of what they should money on, you may wonder whether spending extra money on an Audit Defense is worth it. You may think you do not need it since you have never experienced an audit from the IRS before. Your returns are straightforward, and there is no reason you might get audited anytime soon. 

While that may be true, you might still get notices from the IRS that may be problematic. Moreover, just because you have never experienced audits before does not mean you will not experience them in the future. While considering an audit defense, you may find it helpful to seek assistance from Houston tax preparation experts to prepare your taxes correctly. 

Reasons to get an audit defense 

  • It relieves stress. 

You might receive a notice of an IRS audit even if you have done nothing wrong. Sometimes a simple error on the forms, a misplaced decimal point, or a wrong name spelling can trigger IRS tax examiners. Having someone talk to the IRS directly and resolve the issue is essential. You may not be able to handle things as smoothly since dealing with the IRS can be intimidating, and you may think you are guilty of something wrong even when you are innocent. 

  • They have a one flat, low fee. 

If you are worried about the extra costs of an audit defense, you can change your thinking now. There are various reputed law firms across the United States with experienced and qualified lawyers offering their services at a low and flat fee. The expensive ones charge by the hour; even one phone call with them can be costly. 

Thankfully, there are tax professionals offering the same services but at a much lower charge. You just have to look at the right place. 

  • It saves you time. 

If you have already received a notice of an audit, you may be worried and running about to get all the documents you need to show to the IRS. However, unless you are a tax professional, you may not know what they are or what additional documents the IRS might demand on the spot. An audit defense representative already has the knowledge and experience required for the process, saving much of your time. 

  • They ensure the best outcome. 

Trying to defend yourself against the IRS can be tedious, especially if you have little idea about the topic. A tax professional has the expertise, knowledge, tools, and communication skills to make things easier and clear any misunderstandings between you and the IRS.