Is it okay to skip a dental visit? Learn more here!


Just like any part of your body, your oral hygiene has a lot of impact attached to it. When you don’t have healthy dental and oral health, the chances of any infection attacking your immune system are high. The reason behind this is the bacteria that can travel through your mouth into the bloodstream and then the other parts of the body. Thus, dental health is crucial, and it can be maintained with regular dental visits to your dentist. Skipping dental visits can lead to various problems, a few of which, as suggested by a Springfield, VA dentist, are mentioned below:

Plaque formation

Plaque formation can be the root cause of increasing dental health-related problems. It will become the house for bacteria and germs, resulting in gum and oral diseases. Thus, if you want to avoid plaque formation, you must not skip any dental visit.  

Cavity buildup 

8 out of 10 people suffer from cavities, and around 90% of the population have at least one cavity. Cavity can be the reason behind increased sensitivity and higher chances of oral infections. Thus, when you are regular with your dental visits, your dentist can easily identify cavity buildup and offer remedies for treating them before it gets worse. 

Early detection 

When you are regular with your dental visits, your dentist is aware of your progress. In other words, identifying any oral infection will be easier. Early detection means early remedy, so you must not skip any dental visit, as ignored trouble can lead to increased trouble.

Maintained oral hygiene 

Even though you don’t have any developing oral health-related issues, you would need a regular checkup for periodic cleaning. In other words, when you are regular with your dental checkups, your oral hygiene will remain balanced and at par. Your dentist will perform cleaning sessions during every visit, eliminating the germs, bacteria, and plaque that lead to bad oral health. 

The difference between the oral hygiene of a person who regularly has dental visits and someone who doesn’t visit is evident. Dentists have claimed that people who tend to take their dental hygiene lightly end up suffering more pain and discomfort in the long run. To conclude, though it may seem like a task, you must visit your dentist for routine checkups at least twice a year. On the other hand, when suffering from anything serious, never miss any appointment as suggested by your dentist.