Learning How to Earn Points Rewards After Using a Travelling Agency


With intensified competition amongst travel and hospitality organizations, most travelers are now presented with points reward programs by those travel organizations.

Earning points rewards after traveling through a traveling agency

Choose a travel agency with a points program: The first step that any interested individual has to undertake so that they can be part of the award program is to choose any of the travel agencies that is involved in the issuance of such points. The major companies of the world have their loyalty card programmes through which you accrue points on any flight, hotel, hire car or holiday.

Sign up for the program: The first step is to consider a few companies that offer points for their customers during the travel agencies. You fill in some forms given before one can start completing the first booking of the programs.

Book through the agency: One has to earn points rewards that are earned in the event that one books a trip through the agency’s website or the trip app. They advised that if you have an account with them, it is advisable that you log into your account in order to have the correct booking made and you will be credited for the points that should be given to you.

Take advantage of bonus offers: It also appears that, perhaps, the companies offering travel agencies may have certain general bonuses that apply if one can get extra points with certain types of bookings. For instance, one double the points that accrued when a hotel was being booked in a specific time or an additional point accrued when both the hotel and flight were being booked.

Book higher-priced travel: For instance in most of the cases the rate at which one travels and the total amount spent on the travel determines the number of points earned. In general, which may be considered as a logical expectation is that being awarded a larger number of points is received when purchasing a more expensive flight, hotel or vacation package than in various low-cost ones.

Refer friends and family: Some of the common point linkages between loyalty programmes and travel agency industries . More points are awarded to any person that is able to source other persons to join the programme. Once the interested sign up is done by using the link given to you, once they go further to make a booking, they get awarded with bonus points which are specific.

Keep track of your points: One needs to create an account to monitor the balance as well as the expiring dates. For the information of the reader, there are several programs that implement an interface to sign into and check up on its activity and points. Something else that you should do actively for instance is checking your points balance often so that it can be credited appropriately when you are active and to ensure that it is not expiring due to lack of activity.


Earning points rewards with the agency is an excellent strategy to get the most from your travel bookings and save money, according to the tips outlined above.