Making a Will in New Jersey: Get an attorney


After working hard all your life, you would want your hard-earned properties to go to the right people. That’s where the estate planning document called the “will” can help. A will is different from a living will, as the latter is more of a healthcare directive. Making a will in New Jersey is relatively simple, especially with so many automated online services. Considering that your will is a key document, you should consider hiring an estate planning attorney New Jersey at the earliest. 

The basics

As we mentioned, it doesn’t take much to make a will, as long as you have made of list of your assets and heirs. Online services promise to offer automated options, but nothing compares to the expertise of an attorney. There are also circumstances that must be considered. For instance, if you want to disinherit your spouse, you may want to speak to a lawyer about the possible issues. 

How can an estate planning attorney help?

People often have a hard time thinking rationally about their will. Because the decision involves their loved ones and important causes, they want to be as fair as possible. Estate planning is not something to be taken for granted, especially because a will is a valid document. Many law firms have a key team in place that often comprises of nurses and social workers along with estate planning attorneys. You can expect the team to offer unbiased advice to create a will that’s binding, undisputable, and legal. Taking care of the legal aspects is much easier with a lawyer on your side. 

Other things to know

Once the estate plan is finalized, your attorney can help with other steps too. In New Jersey, you don’t need to get a will notarized to make it legal. However, if you want to create a self-proving will, you have to do so. All wills must be signed in front of witnesses. If you create a self-proving will, the probate process would be shorter. Estate planning becomes complicated when there are likely disputes in the family or when the person has significant assets. Hiring an attorney allows you to make a plan keeping the consequences in mind. 

Also, you can alter or revoke a will as you want. If you want to add something to the will, you can consider an amendment, although it’s best to create a new will revoking the old one. Look online for estate planning lawyers in NJ now!