Making Customs Clearance Process Easier With These Tips


The clearance procedures are very much complicated and time-consuming. They can be an intimidating factor that frightens most of the importers. Businesses need to have a lot of expertise to conduct the process seamlessly and to avoid hassles, they hire customs brokers. They are professionals in the field and can help you proceed with the shipments efficiently and in a timely manner.

But there are certain tips that they always give you as importers and we have listed them below:

Doing the paperwork carefully

Before the shipment taking transits, you need to make sure that you are having all the declarations handy. If any cases of doubt arising, check with your shipping company at the earliest. Else the situation might turn against you and your merchandise might get stuck to some distant port. Apart from the declarations, also keep in hand the commercial invoices, documentations of transit, proof of original documents, and customs value declarations.

Pay attention to item descriptions

Your business sector or terminologies will not be understood by the officer at the customs clearance. So make sure to put the necessary details elaborately and in terms, laymen would understand. You need to entirely describe your cargo. You need to also mention all of the product codes and the units of the same. You need to inform about the functions of the items in the cargo and their packing means.

Make use of the technology

Online processes are replacing the manual ones and adopting the digital strategies sooner will benefit you entirely. Your process management will be accelerated and chances of errors will be minimal.

Think of low-cost ways

You cannot let a lot of your money flowing out during the cargo shipments and hence you must always look for cost-effective methods. You need to know if your goods are classifying under the PTA or the Preferential Trade Agreement because they will have lower import tariffs as compared to others.

Opt for specialized brokers

You will always have the opportunity to work with specialized and experienced brokers who are masters in their fields. They know about almost everything related to the transit, sizes, protocols, areas, transportation modes, and the costs associated. They will let you know about all the terms and conditions to prevent future hassles.

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