Quartz: The ultimate choice for kitchen countertops!

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The countertops of your kitchen often bear the brunt of your culinary skills. You need a material that can withstand heat, is resistant to stains, and will not chip or crack under pressure. Thankfully, quartz countertops tick all these boxes. Today, you can get quartz in any finish you like. Check Granite au Sommet quartz imitation marbre for instance. The supplier in Montreal has quartz that replicates the look of marble. Here’s why you need to consider quartz for your kitchen countertops. 

Limitless color variations

Natural stones are great in terms of aesthetics, but if you want your kitchen countertops to look the same, these may not be a great choice. Quartz, since it is engineered, is always uniform. In other words, the samples you see is what you get. You can choose any color or finish that works with the rest of your kitchen. 


Because quartz is manmade, it is much more durable than some of the other kitchen countertop materials. It is, in fact, stronger and more durable than granite. Homes that have quartz installed tend to fetch a better price at the time of sale, so in the long run, this will add to your investment. 

No need for sealing

Granite and marble are porous, which make these materials prone to staining. To avoid that, it is important that you spend on yearly sealing for maintenance. With quartz, you don’t have to worry about all that. Yes, the cost of quartz counters is a tad high, but you don’t have practically spend anything on maintenance. 

Installation doesn’t have to be hard

While quartz is quite heavy and you have to call professional installers, it is still relatively easy to install. Once you have ordered quartz, you don’t have much to worry about. The supplier will get the material delivered, and their installers can do the job in no time. 

No worries on bacteria 

Granite doesn’t harbor bacteria, and that’s a big advantage for any home kitchen. The material doesn’t need any extra care, and you can easily use any mild soap and water to wipe off the surface. There are no concerns with regards to heat either, but do note that quartz may lose some of its shine when exposed to direct heat or sunlight for long hours for a considerable period of time. 

Check online now to find more on kitchen countertop material suppliers near you and ask for quartz samples to get started.