Quick Tips for Students to Learn English Effectively


English is a powerful language that is spoken by the majority of the nations across the globe. It is universal in nature. Speaking in English boosts the confidence of an individual and transforms his whole personality when he is able to communicate efficiently using correct words. As a matter of fact, learning a new language not just boosts your mind but also helps you to think creatively. When you have a better hold of the language, you are able to explore new things across the web, communicate fluently with your peers, build your own network of friends and acquaintances and join communities in the field of your interest.

Having said that, there are several ways to explain how taking online English classes can prove beneficial for you. When you are able to communicate effectively with your peers, it boosts your confidence to be at par with your competitors. School students who are comparatively weak in their studies and don’t feel confident enough to communicate fluently in English with their fellow classmates can resort to online English classes to boost their hold over the language. If you’re a high-school student who is on the verge of taking Board exams, you can also learn English by exploring a plethora of websites, online study materials, educational apps such as BYJU’S – The Learning App to upskill your linguistic skills.

Here are some useful steps that school students studying at CBSE online Class 9, 10, 11 or 12 or competitive exams can follow in addition to taking online English classes:

1. Read Newspapers and Magazines Regularly:

Newspapers are a great source of information for readers and also helps in improving their vocabulary in due course of time. As a student, try to make reading newspapers a daily habit. Choose one word from the newspaper that strikes your interest, read the sentence properly and try to analyse the context in which it is written. If you don’t know the meaning of the word, locate its meaning on the web or in a dictionary. Once you know the  meaning, try to use it while speaking or even while framing sentences with that word. This one habit will take you a long way in improving your vocabulary.

2. Maintain a Repository of Words:

Students should make note of difficult words and jot it down in a notebook or word document along with its meaning so that they can refer to it later and get familiarised with it. If you’re a CBSE online Class 9 student who wants to build a strong foundation in the English language, you should ensure that you practice using new words regularly and engage in daily conversations with others using those words. Once you’ve mastered using the word in spoken English, you can also implement its usage in written communication while writing essays or poems, etc.

3. Take up Word Quizzes, Games and Puzzles:

In addition to taking online English classes, you can make learning the English language fun for yourself. Although it may sound silly, playing word building games, solving crossword puzzles or even playing Scrabble can prove beneficial and act as a wonderful exercise for your mind to enhance the potential of your vocabulary. Learning to master the English language by using these simple strategies will go a long way to help you to start meaningful conversations, construct correct sentences and improve your diction and vocabulary simultaneously.

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