Ready to Cash In? BetGames Online in South Africa with YesPlay


Think you’ve got the luck of the Irish? If you reckon you can pick those winning numbers, BetGames and YesPlay will treat you right! BetGames has loads of live, lottery-style games with quick draws and massive potential winnings. YesPlay lets you get in on the action with ease – easy betting options and quick, secure payouts in Rand.

BetGames – Just Right for South Africans

We Saffas love a good bet, whether on the rugby field or with the Lotto. But when you need that excitement anytime, BetGames is the way to go. Here’s why BetGames and YesPlay are a winning combo:

  • Action every minute: Games are live all day long, so there’s always a chance to play.
  • Stretch your Rand: Start small and still have the chance to win a nice bit of cash.
  • Something for everyone: Bet on numbers, colours, card suits – find your lucky way to play.
  • Play your way: BetGames works perfectly on your phone or at home on your computer.

Fancy a flutter? Check out Lucky 5 on YesPlay (visit, a fast-paced lottery-style game!

Lucky 6 on YesPlay – Get that Vault Feeling

Imagine breaking into a secure vault packed with cash! That’s the kind of excitement you get with Lucky 6. It’s fast, exciting, and the potential payouts are huge. YesPlay makes playing a breeze:

  • Easy as pie: No fancy setups, just sign in to YesPlay and find Lucky 6.
  • Clear as day: Watch the draw live with crystal-clear video.
  • Bet in seconds: Choose those numbers and place your wager in no time.

Lucky 7 on YesPlay – Classic Excitement

Lucky 7 is the OG of BetGames, the one that started it all! This game is pure lottery at its best. Pick your numbers and cross your fingers for those lucky balls. With payouts potentially thousands of times your stake, it’s easy to see why Lucky 7 is a legend. Here’s how YesPlay makes it easy:

  • Feel that anticipation: Watching those numbered balls get drawn in real-time gets your pulse racing.
  • Your bet, your way Bet on individual numbers, colours, odds/evens – you decide!

BetGames Has Your Winning Feeling

Lucky 5, 6, or 7 – there’s a BetGames lottery experience with your name on it at YesPlay! These games deliver big potential wins at your fingertips. Prefer the high-roller vibes of Lucky 6, the classic gameplay of Lucky 7, or the lightning pace of Lucky 5? BetGames has your perfect mix. Plus, they’re ideal for a quick punt when you’ve got a few minutes to spare.

Head over to YesPlay and explore the world of BetGames (and don’t forget those tasty bonuses!) Just visit for Lucky 7, for Lucky 6, and check out the whole BetGames range on the site!