Social Media Analysis Is One of the Core Functions of NetBase Quid

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Social media analysis (SMA) is a distinct method of analyzing the behavior of social media users in the public interest. For example, if you want to find out what social media users think about whether it is appropriate for kids to play video games online, you can use this method to track sentiment from social media postings. But you can also use SMA to understand more fundamental trends: Does the relationship between your sales and your SEO performance on social media look similar to that of your competitors? Does your content and blog strategy look very similar to those of your competitors? Unlike search marketing, which is relatively simple, establishing a social media strategy is more complex, as marketers face the ever-present challenge of maintaining a balanced content.

Where do I start?

social media analysis, popularized by social listening, involves collecting data from social media sites to provide clients with customer insight and competitive insights. Predictive advertising, meanwhile, focuses on brand predictability by using historic data to provide the most comprehensive view of what consumers do, who they talk to, and what they talk about. While social media data has become increasingly important for understanding what consumers say and do, today’s marketers face a number of challenges when looking to track their social interactions across various social media platforms. For instance, traditional social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — It’s an important step in the research process, but what do you actually do with the data you collect?

NetBase Quid Role

NetBase Quid helps organizations collect, use, and share social media data and analyses by allowing data capture through a series of live-buttoned inputs (so nothing needs to be sent to a central data warehouse), in addition to analytics that are used to identify influencers, collect market research and buyer profiles, and explore opportunities for outreach and demand generation.

NetBase Quid can help you analyze consumers, competitors, and market trends, driving real-time insights and brand strategy. For marketers, social media is used to understand consumer and market sentiment, learn about consumer perceptions, and connect with customers.

Social Media Analysis Benefits

Through social media analysis, your brand interacts with consumers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and many other social media platforms. NetBase Quid’s highly skilled social media analysts conduct comprehensive analysis of each platform in order to understand how consumers are responding to a brand and their activities.

The key to great social media analysis is using the correct combination of tools to collect data from social media channels. This requires deep understanding of how social media works and how to collect the right data from the right sources, such as creating a content marketing plan and then analyzing the impact that it has on the business.

Who Needs This?

Social media analytics tracks, shares and measures social media data across the web. Social media analysis and the data coming from it help businesses evaluate, understand and connect with their customers. Companies can also choose to engage with customers on social media. NetBase Quid offers both a mobile app and a website that gives you access to rich consumer and market research. The free and premium versions of NetBase Quid offer the option to collect data through a variety of online and offline methods including web and smartphone surveys, focus groups and surveys.

The valuable information informs the decision making of business leaders. It often involves unbiased and objective access to competitors’ businesses or websites. NetBase Quid allows business leaders to access such information in real-time from a platform optimized for both speed and access, from mobile to tablet and desktop devices.

Connecting Consumers NetBase Quid connects with consumers in a seamless, engaging way. Users can compare online pricing and satisfaction, and can collect consumer insights from NetBase Quid’s intuitive dashboard. Empowering marketers, retail analysts, and consumer goods companies to more rapidly analyze market opportunities and understand customer interests and motivations, NetBase Quid captures and leverages robust datasets about real people.