Sports Shoes: Popular Brands With Their Statement Pieces


Earlier, athletic shoes only revolved around a sportsperson. They are comprised of an athletic trainer or a health and fitness community. People have come to understand that athletic shoes are not just made for specific tracks in changing times. Rather, it would be the right choice to run errands, travel, and other physical activities.

 It provides safe protection to the feet and allows comfort and swift mobility. One of the most famous choices for this category is the Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Triple White. People love to prioritize comfort and sophistication. 

Some of the most popular athleisure brands and their bestselling products are as follows:

  • Nike

This brand has been one of the staples in the athleisure section. Its mission to push the human potential to create better shoes each time has made a significant impact in the industry by using eco-friendly measures. Nike shoes are a mark of sustainability. They proudly claim not to use any harmful ingredients in their products. 

Some of the most popular shoes made by Nike are:

  • Nike AirForce 1
  • Nike AirMax
  • Nike Metcon
  •  Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38
  • Nike Air Jordan 1
  • Nike Cortez
  • Nike Huarache

  • Adidas

Earlier, this brand was a manufacturer of sports goods and apparel. With time, it made many changes and upgrades and set its foot in the shoe-making world. It was gradual. But after many campaigns and new mottos, it managed to shake the world. Its USP is a range of innovative designs curated by bestselling shoes and customer recommendations. 

It took recommendations from various sportspersons and athletes. This step drove valuable changes in its products. As a German brand, it managed to leave an impact worldwide. Some of the most popular Adidas shoes are as follows:

  • Adidas Superstar
  • Adidas Gazelle
  • Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Triple White
  • Adidas Trimm Trab
  • Adidas Ultra Boost
  • Adidas Fluid Flow 2.0 
  • Adidas Samba

  • Puma

This brand focuses on growth and development towards a healthy life. Also, it promotes the purpose of an active life. They pay attention to extra-curricular and athletic activities. Most importantly, Puma also inspires women as leaders, uplifting their dignity. It supports people who dare to make changes and take risks. It is a much-loved brand. 

Some of the most popular Puma shoe products are:

  • Puma Clyde
  • Les Benjamins x Puma Thunder Disc
  • PUMA Suede Classic XXI
  • Puma RS-X
  • Puma Mayze
  • Puma Ralph Sampson Mid

Concluding Thoughts

Brands make sports shoes as they are flexible and breathable. Athletes and other wearers are in favor of their excellent grip and utmost comfort. The demand for sports shoes in today’s time is intense. Therefore, many brands try their level best to create innovative sports shoes that capture the users’ attention. The motto of these brands is another factor that the customers are attracted to. After all, it’s about comfort and durability at the same time.