Tax Withholding for Part-Time and Seasonal Workers


Many companies, particularly in the summer, only hire employees for a portion of the year. The IRS classifies these workers as seasonal workers, those who conduct work or provide services on a seasonal basis. Examples of this type of work include seasonal retail employees, employees in the food service and other industries at sporting events, and seasonal workers engaged in harvest or commercial fishing. Get help from tax services in Savannah.

All employees should complete a W-4 when beginning a new job, and seasonal workers are subject to the same tax withholding regulations as normal workers. Employers use this form to specify how much taxes should be deducted from employees’ paychecks. Taxpayers (including students) with multiple summer jobs should be sure that their employers are withholding enough tax from each paycheck to fulfill their whole tax obligation.

The Withholding Calculator’s Use

The Withholding Calculator verifies that the amount of tax taken from a taxpayer is appropriate given their financial condition.

  • First, rather than assuming that a taxpayer’s weekly tax withholding amount would be applied to a full year, the calculator asks about the taxpayer’s work dates and considers a part-year employee’s shorter employment.
  • The calculator then provides pertinent recommendations for part-year employees. The Withholding Calculator can also consider the fact that a taxpayer may hold many part-time jobs.

Before utilizing the withholding calculator, taxpayers need to have their most recent pay stub and a completed tax return from the previous year.

The correctness of the data entered determines the results of calculators. Taxpayers should use the calculator again if their circumstances change throughout the year to determine whether they need to change their withholding.

If Your Withholding Needs to Be Modified

Taxpayers should fill out a new Form W-4 and give it to their employer as soon as possible if the findings of the calculator show a change in the amount of withholding. Within ten days of the modification, employees who had a personal circumstance change that resulted in a reduction in withholding allowances should provide their employer with a new Form W-4 that includes the corrected withholding allowances.

If your wages from a seasonal job are less than the standard deduction, you might not need to file a federal or state return as a seasonal worker. If you work multiple jobs, however, you might owe tax.

It is essential to speak to a professional who can assist you and guide you.