Things That Can Delay Your Divorce


When people go through a divorce, one of the most common questions their attorney gets asked is, “Why is my divorce taking so long?” There is no specific answer to this. It entirely depends on the facts of your case and how your relations with your ex are. 

Sometimes, even when you and your spouse think you are being cooperative, you might end up doing something that lengthens the process. There are a number of reasons that can drag out your process. It can be one of these reasons or a combination of them. The best way to quicken your divorce is to hire a contested divorce lawyer Huntsville

Things that can delay your divorce 

  • Listening to advice from the wrong people. 

During a divorce, you may find comfort in speaking with your friends and family. However, when it comes to legal procedures, you should never take advice from inexperienced people or people who do not know the law. 

You may hear things like “Do not settle for anything less than the house and the car” or “You deserve this and that.” This is not practical advice. No two divorce cases are similar, and what was right for others may not be for you. It is best to talk to an attorney who will help you set realistic expectations. 

  • Lying and keeping secrets from your attorney. 

When you start lying and keeping secrets from your attorney, that is when you lose your case. Your attorney is a qualified professional who is there to guide you through a difficult and complex time. They have your best interests at heart. But they cannot help you unless you are being totally honest with them. 

For example, it is not uncommon for people to hide assets during a divorce. If you hide assets without telling your attorney, your plan will backfire. Moreover, if your spouse finds out about it, you will lose credibility with the court. In such a situation, even your attorney won’t be able to save you anymore. 

  • Misinterpreting what your attorney says. 

No good attorney in Huntsville can guarantee you a win on the initial days. They can only tell you how they can help you and the possible outcomes of your divorce. If you misinterpret what your attorney says as guarantees and set unrealistic expectations for yourself, it could be financially and emotionally draining for you. 

Remember that attorneys are not magicians or people who predict the future. They gather information from their past experiences and advise you, giving you a general assessment of what may happen. Even if an attorney gives you a 100% guarantee, you should not believe them blindly.