What is the relevance of roofing materials in pondering water?


Working on roof penetrations is an important part of the roofing industry. It is so because the penetration area is responsible for causing roof leaks and makes it difficult for the drainage system to work. Due to the water obstruction, water starts pondering. If it is left untreated, there can be a premature breakdown of the roof membrane, mold growth, and insect infestation as well.

Guardian Home offers emergency services to look deep into the problem and offer the solutions likewise. Here, we are discussing some of the factors about choosing good materials for your roofing.


The thickness of the roof membrane is essential to look out because with time the polymer starts deteriorating. But, with pondering water the situation becomes quicker. The thickness of the membrane decides the roof’s expected life.


Having a layer of polymer is excellent in providing support to the membrane and strengthen as well in the case of ponding water.

Specific gravity

It is very important that the material should be heavier than water, then only it will be able to shed the water. When you face ponding water issues, select the product that comprises high specific gravity, super adhesion, low porosity, and high-tensile reinforcement.


Choosing the right color can make a big difference and also play role in holding the ponding water. The dark color roof helps in making the water evaporate quickly.

Penetration power

Most of the time it is found that ponding water can easily penetrate through the roof from the weakest point, which results in deterioration. Search for materials that are actually seamless and have reinforced power.


When it comes to field fabricating the roof, it is best to first check the ponding areas. Address the problem and call the professionals to deal with it.

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