Animal Laws in India for Protection of Strays and Pets


We see a lot of dogs on the roads and there are also times when we see blatant behaviour towards an animal. The life of stray animals is often met with much ridicule and there are a lot of times when these pets are hushed away. There are several Indian laws but it is the implementation of these laws and the punishment after it that makes these laws so weak. Find Homemade Fresh Pet Food outlets near you. 

Here are some laws mentioned in the constitution to protect the right of animals:

All stray dogs are prevented under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act formed in 1960. It enacts under section 38 and lists down the following things:

  1. Street dogs cannot be beaten, killed or driven away from a particular area. They can only be sterilized under the guidelines and vaccinated and then must be returned to their original location. The stray dogs can only be sterilized when they have attained the age of 4 and not before that. 
  2. Killing, maiming or harming animals of any kind is punishable for imprisonment up to two years or fine or both. 
  3. Under certain sections leaving an animal at a place where they suffer hunger, thirst, starvation or any other problems is a punishable offence. 
  4. No law prohibits people from feeding stray animals thus any neighbour who tries to threaten anybody for feeding animals can be punished. 

Rights to Pet Ownership concerning RWA

Pet ownership comes with a little responsibility not only for you but for the locality. RWA can only ask you for allotting pet corners, vaccinations and another reasonable request, under no circumstance, do they have the right to ask you to disown your pet unless you are not creating a nuisance. Find a Trusted Home Pet Grooming Service in Bangalore for your needs. 

RWA Cannot Make Laws

  • If you are facing any troubles from RWA you can write a letter to the municipal corporation or can reach out to the nearest animal welfare organization. 
  • You can even file a complaint against RWA in the nearest police station if they are not competitive.
  • The Registrar can take an action or even dissolve an RWA if they reach out in an unauthoritative way to a pet-owning family. 

With these right you can protect any stray dog or your pet dog.