How To Improve Your Golf Game


Golf can be both the most rewarding game and the most frustrating game in the world.  When you look at the game on its own merits, it seems like such a silly task, hitting a small ball around a course.  But this “silly task” can reap wonderful benefits in the form of overcoming challenges when you approach shooting even par.  When you think of the usual ways to improve your game, abundant practice time is the most obvious way to do it.  Enlisting the help of a coach can help your swing as well, but what if you don’t want to invest the time or expense in coaching?  There’s another item that you can use to help your game and that is a golf launch monitor.  

Big Help Comes In Small Packages

The golf launch monitor is a device that you can affix in the tee box alongside your ball when you tee off on a hole.  The monitor is a high-speed camera that records and scans the entire driving sequence to retain data on each shot you make.  You can also use the monitor on other shots such as approach shots, shots from the bunker, chips from the fringe, etc.  You can use the monitor to log all the shots that you make during your round and view them later.  

Breaking Down The Data

Viewing the shots later is where the golf launch monitor really shines as you can also see the accumulated data.  The monitor keeps track of important information about your shot such as shot angle, ball spin, ball speed, and atmospheric conditions surrounding the shot.   The whole experience is akin to having a coach look at you while shooting and making suggestions to you to improve your shot next time.  The great thing about the monitor in comparison to a real life coach is that coaches seldom have someone videotape a client’s shot to go over later unless you’re a tour pro and have that kind of money for video access.


If you would like to improve your golf game, investing in a golf launch monitor makes perfect sense.  For the price of a handful of consultations with an amateur golf coach, you can have a digital coach with you 24/7 on the links overseeing every shot.  There is also the added bonus of not having to wait for the coach to show up at the agreed-upon meeting time, your “coach’ will always be with you in your golf bag waiting to be used.  You can keep track of your progress from week to week and make the adjustments needed in relation to the data received to lower your score even more!