Four Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Vacuum Pumps


Vacuum pumps can eliminate gas from a sealed enclosure to create a vacuum environment and are widely used for composite moulding, electric lamps and bulbs production, woodworks, cutting glasses and stones, as well as aircraft instruments. Also, vacuum pumps are necessary for the field of medicine and fluid systems. The gentler processes in the printing industry also need these pumps. In fact, even farms use these pieces of equipment for irrigation and watering of crops. Because there are different types of LeDab Vacuum pumps available on the market, you must consider more than just the type of vacuum to get. The following are other important considerations when buying a vacuum pump:


Before you buy a vacuum pump, consider how you will apply it. The application will determine whether or not you may need a diaphragm, rotary vane, chemically resistant, scrolls, or belt-driven pump. Assess the compatibility of the chemicals and gasses in the application being used with the pump and the potential issues that may arise from their interaction. With oiled vacuum pumps, a cold trap is a recommendation.

Flow Rate and Vacuum Level

If you intend to use the pump for rotary evaporation, you will often not need a low vacuum level. But, in a process like distillation, you need a very low vacuum level to improve and speed up the processes. The vacuum pump’s flow rate is also essential. Some applications may have plenty of volumes that must be vacuumed down in a particular amount of time, such as a big vacuum oven. Others may require faster vapor flow like short path distillation. 

Installation and Maintenance

Ensure you buy everything needed for installing and running the vacuum pump. Keep in mind that the pump may need distinct connection kinds and tubing for different applications. Also, the pump may need to be wired directly into a breaker. The maintenance frequency and expertise of operating the pump vary based on the kind of you pick. To prolong the life of your pump, invest in cold traps to prevent vapors from recondensing inside the pump. 

Pump Costs

Before you buy a vacuum pump, you must consider the overall price of buying and maintaining it. This factor will impact your decision of whether to purchase the equipment outright, seek financing, or set a budget for the future. To operate within your means, you must determine the pump that’s best for your application and one you can afford.