Reasons You Should Consider Getting Smart TDS WI-FI+


TDS Telecom has always empowered its customers by providing them top-rated services that come with fine quality features. If you are one of the lucky ones who have subscribed to TDS internet services then you know that obtaining it was the best decision.

Despite the harsh weather conditions, bad equipment quality, and an exhaustive load of office work, TDS has never left your side. Since it has been with you through thick and thin, it is your responsibility to opt for the services that push its connectivity to get better.

And let’s face it, at the end of the day, every little investment is for our own sake. For the same reason, TDS always comes with several opportunities that its customers can enjoy and improve their experience with reliable and blazing fast internet service.

Among all the other things, TDS WI-FI+ is a highlighting feature that the provider is currently providing. This system is powered by eero and is designed to cover your ordinary household into a smarter home with an optimum Wi-Fi experience.

But to know more let’s dig in!

What Is TDS WI-FI+?

The TDS WI-FI+ is a system that comes with a wireless device and application that contains the power of mesh technology that optimizes your connectivity. It offers strong signals to the devices so that they can cover your house and provide you the ultimate service quality.

It not only amplifies the ability to route your Wi-Fi signal but also expands the wireless coverage that covers your entire house and renders you consistent and strong Internet coverage without any interception. Several elements in this service can make it irresistible for you.

Why Should You Go For TDS WI-FI+

TDS WI-FI+ is specially designed for households and customers who are seeking control over their internet connection. This service is perfect for huge spaces that require massive coverage with maximum service quality.

Some beacons are attached to your regular wall outlets and are strategically placed around the space to minimize any frustrating dead spots in the network. It also focuses on strengthening the signal for improving your Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home.

There are a few more considerable benefits that are provided to you through this extraordinary service. So let have a look into what facilities you will have when you will go for TDS WI-FI+.

  • It provides you easy modes of installation in which you have two options including, self-installation and professional installation. With self-installation, it might only take around 15 minutes where you have to install Base Station and Beacon(s) and connect your devices to the WI-FI connection. On the other hand, for professional assistance, you can call a TDS technician for the setup of TDS WI-FI+.
  • With TDS you don’t have to worry about buying expensive equipment, you can save yourself from all massive up-front equipment costs and get the exclusive Beacons to optimize your service on a monthly subscription.

Give You Total Authority over the Service

Apart from all the benefits that you gain with the TDS WI-FI+ service, you will also receive control over your network and its management. You can keep tabs on all activates and control the TDS Wi-Fi+ network from the palm of your hand.

With extensive features and seamless navigation, you can utilize the TDS app on your smartphone to manage your services. Here are some features that you can enjoy in the app:

·        Wi-Fi Network Management

With TDS Wi-Fi+ you get to have instant access to the app that gives you a chance to manage your network on a device level. You can not only set a limit to your connection, but you can also block suspicious devices from intruding to your secure network space.

·        Create Secure Guest Network

Now you don’t have to share your private WI-FI password, every time a guest comes to your house. Neither do you have to feel awkward by not sharing a password, you can just provide visitors with Internet access and make them feel at home.

·        Easy Access to Information

It is hard to gather information regarding your network condition and tips for improving your WI-FI connection. But with the TDS app, you can get all that you want to know about just at your fingertips.

To Narrow It Down

TDS Wi-Fi+ is one of the amazing services offered by TDS telecom. And if you are interested in notching up your internet service, then it is time that you invest in something that will give you the utmost advantage, fast and in a cost-effective manner.