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Whether you’re just a commoner or considering a career in security, it’s interesting to learn what security guards can and cannot do.  After reading this article, you will be aware of whether security personnel can approach, search, or hold you when you are shopping or out clubbing. So keep reading to learn more about the security industry and your rights.

Police officers have more authority than security officers. Generally speaking, security officers are more like ordinary individuals. In respect of their rights, they are the same as other members of the public.

Each security guard is required to display their badge and license on their uniform so that they can be easily recognized by the public at all times. If you see a security guard without a badge, you should notify the company they work for.

This blog has been prepared by security experts from Ranger Security Agency, the leading Austin security agency. You can reach out to us for security solutions within Austin and the neighboring cities in Texas. So read through and get to know what our Austin security guards can and cannot do.

What Our Austin Security Guards Can Do:

  1. Deterrence and observation. Security guards can prevent crime by their presence and observing abnormal activities to prevent any potential threats.
  2. Patrol and monitor. The job of the guards might include patrolling specific areas, monitoring surveillance systems, and checking security alarms to be able to prevent burglaries and other threats to the facility.
  3. Enforce rules and regulations. Security guards are authorized by their company to implement some specific rules and regulations such as ensuring compliance with facility policies and enforcing trespassing laws.
  4. Conduct investigations. Our Austin security guards may conduct preliminary investigations into security issues, collect evidence, and file and report their findings to law enforcement whenever required.
  5. Provide assistance. Security guards can often assist visitors, residents, or employees by showing them the way, escorting them to their cars, or even administering first aid in a crisis situation.

What Our Austin Security Guards Cannot Do:

  1. Make arrests. Security guards have the authority to detain individuals who are criminally suspected, but they can only make detainments not arrests. Only qualified law enforcement officers have the legal authority to arrest anyone.
  2. Carrying firearms sans proper licenses. Our Austin security guards are only allowed to carry arms only after they have finished their respective training and have received appropriate licenses. Our unarmed Austin security guards are not allowed to carry guns.
  3. Serve as the law-enforcement officers. Security guards are prohibited from serving law enforcement duties or imitating them. They have to keep in mind that they are not police officers.
  4. Exceed their authority. Security officers must stay within the borders of their authority and conform to the approved rules and procedures.
  5. Offer legal advice. Security guards are not permitted to offer legal advice or make legal decisions. In case of legal issues, guards should refer to legal professionals or law enforcement for guidance.

In essence, our Austin security guards serve an important role in ensuring safety and security, but they are required to follow Texas law.

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