Hair Colour selection based on Indian skin tone


You want to look cool and stand out. And removing your natural Hair Colour by highlighting the hair is the best way to do it. But don’t just go for any hair Colour. You should choose a hair Colour that matches your skin tone. We all have a pigment called melanin in our bodies. Melanin is responsible for the Colour of our hair, eyes and skin. It also determines how your skin will change Colour in different weather conditions. Variations in the amount of melanin in our bodies, their distribution, shape and size give us all skin types.

The Hair Colour shades in India are a very important factor to consider before painting your hair. While choosing the right hair Colour can enhance your appearance, the bad pairing of skin and hair Colour can ruin your overall look and can make you look unnatural. That’s why it’s important to choose the right Colour because what looks good on Caucasian women may not look good on us.

  1. What is your skin Colour when you choose a hair Colour?
  2. Hair Colour ideas
  3. The best hair Colours for you
  4. Natural hair Colour:
  5. Burgundy hair Colour:
  6. Red hair Colour:
  7. Funny hair Colours:

How is your skin to choose hair Colour?

First of all, choosing the right hair Colour you need to know if your skin tone is warm or cool. The simple trick to finding your skin tone is: if you turn red under the sun, then your own cool tone and if you tan under the sun, then you have a warm skin tone.

Another way to check your skin tone is to look closely at your wrist in normal sunlight. If the veins on your wrists look green, you have a warm tone. If they look blue, you have a cool-toned. But sometimes you can’t tell if the veins are blue or green. In that case, you may have a neutral skin tone, which gives you an olive Colour. Consider Jennifer Lopez.

Hair Colour ideas

While you can follow hairstyles, make sure they match your skin tone. Some Hair Colour shades in India look good in warm tones and others in cool tones.

  • Choose a Colour that can be one or two shades lighter than your natural or dark hair Colour.
  • Another way is to choose a Colour that matches the Colour of your eyes.
  • Low warm tones should choose warm Colours like copper. Cool people should choose cool Colours like walnut brown.

The best hair Colours for you

Here are some hair extensions you can try based on the latest hair Colour and by trial and error, they will suit you.

Natural Hair Colour:

All shades of brown and burgundy and bright hair Colour fall red are natural Colours suitable for many Indian skin tones. Remember that the most beautiful hair Colours of Indian skin are those that do not work against our skin tone. So if you have pale skin, stay away from all shades of gold hair and ash brown. If you are used to being red in the sun, say, like actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, avoid red hair.

Burgundy hair Colour:

Blacks may be considered dull in fashion circles, but brown, hair Colour, has a variety of shades available to suit all types of Indian skin tones. If you have a warm tone, shades like chocolate brown and ash brown will suit you best. And if you have cool skin, mahogany and chestnut will look great on you.

Red hair Colour:

Red comes in many Colours and is very deceptive to play with. You need to be very careful in choosing the right shade for you. If you have light skin, you can try light red or bronze-red. For olive skin, choose a red based on dark blue.

Happy hair Colours:

This is for all the wild women out there. There are lots of fun Colours like green, purple, blue and pink out there. Like red, you need to be very careful in choosing such Colours. The best way to combine these Hair Colour shades in India is to use them as highlights or streaks.

If you have warm skin, wear these hair Colours:

  • Rich deep brown like chocolate, chestnut or auburn as a base
  • Rich gold browns
  • Highlights of warm gold and red or copper
  • Avoid blue, violet, white and black jet. These hair Colours can make you look clean

If you have cool skin, wear these hair Colours:

  • Cool red, such as burgundy
  • Solid brown with a warm base, such as red or blonde to brown
  • Highlight with cool Colours such as wheat, honey or taupe, a cool brown ash
  • Avoid gold and bronze tones, which can make you look painted

Lasting hair Colours

Lasting hair Colours, commonly known as hair dyes, are used to Colour hair long. Now, although permanent hair dye formulas need to be left on the hair for a long time, it does not need to be used as often as a temporary hair Colour. The most important thing. Long hair dyes can change hair Colour into two light or dark tones and are highly structured to give the hair a natural look. They also last longer and can stay healthy with regular touch. This can also be done at home.

However, if you are a beginner in hair Colouring and do not know the trends and types of Colours, it is best to get the help of a salon professional or your trusted artist.

Benefits of using permanent hair Colour

Permanent hair dyes save you the trouble of dyeing hair regularly. Also, they offer an excellent addition to grey hair. These dyes come in a variety of Hair Colour shades in India and have something for everyone, from a natural-looking shade to a vibrant Colour. They are easy to use, inexpensive and commonly available locally. Also, one has the option to choose from a list of brands depending on their choice and budget. Permanent hair Colours are ideal for people with a busy schedule or who do not want to invest a lot of time or energy in Colour or care for their hair. In short, permanent hair Colours are trouble-free, cost-effective and give good results.

Permanent hair Colour

Too much Colour can make hair dry which can lead to brittleness. Go for non-ammonia Colours that will be gentle on the hair. Another disadvantage of permanent hair Colour is that the Colour may fade into the hair, but it does not go away completely. The only way to remove the dye from your hair is to cut it when you are older. Regular shampooing may result in discolouration and will need to be touched.

For people with sensitive skin, it is recommended that they be aware of Colour allergies and rashes. It is best to go for a patch test before trying a new type or Colour.

Caring for dyed hair

Always remember, whether you have Colour or dye your hair, you will need special care. Coloured hair tends to dry out and thicken. Make sure you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner designed for Coloured hair. Give extra moisture to your hair by deepening them or using oil massages and using a moisturizing hair mask. When washing your hair, be sure to use a conditioner to cover the hair follicles and cover off moisture as the lubricant makes the hair waterproof. Also, soak in a smooth shampoo that will keep the hair smooth and shiny.

Regardless of the type of  Hair Colour shades in India or the product you choose, the best way to keep your hair Coloured is to give it the right amount of care and protection.