How to Deal With the Causes of Black Smoke on Your Own


In some instances, solving this issue can be challenging, especially with the physical breakdowns in the engine mechanism.  However, generally, these are the results of the car owner’s carelessness or laziness. If you continue using your car with such issues, then you can cause irreparable damage to the car or “get” to expensive repairs. This is why we have created an action list that will help you get rid of the or understand the occurrence of black smoke:

  • Firstly, it is essential to fill the tank with obviously high-quality fuel, while it is advisable to drain the remains of the previous one. After that, you can easily evaluate the quality and intensity of the exhaust gases;
  • Moreover, it is worth checking or immediately changing the fuel filter;
  • The next step involves checking or replacing the air filter to avoid contamination from the atmosphere;
  • With some sort of knowledge and skills of the design of modern cars, You can independently check the injection system operation and the injector’s operation.
  • It is worth remembering that in the case of diesel engines, the most common reason is injector contamination, so immediately call car service station in Mumbai for thorough cleaning.
  • For your safety, you should measure the compression in each cylinder and compare it with the nominal pressure tolerance for your car.

However, unfortunately, there are various sorts of malfunctions, and it is challenging to check all of them at home. But above, a complete range of measures is provided to help solve the most common issues that can be solved independently at home. In another instance, contacting a mechanic at a car service in Mumbai cannot be avoided.

White exhaust on a gasoline car

The appearance of white smoke from the exhaust pipe is a clear sign of the presence of a large amount of moisture in the combustion products. Such issues can be easily observed on a serviceable engine in the following cases:

  • In highly humid conditions, or in rainy weather;
  • In winters, at a temperature below -10C, on an unheated engine;
  • At critically low temperatures (below -25C), even with the engine warmed up to operating temperature.

The aforementioned reasons why white smoke appears from the exhaust pipe are described by a rudimentary temperature drop and increased vaporization under certain weather conditions and air temperatures. Simultaneously, the exhaust is quite dense, but it dissolves rapidly since it comprises water vapor.

If the vehicle is mainly used for short trips, this phenomenon can be constantly observed. Since all the moisture does not have time to evaporate entirely within a short time of engine operation. You can easily notice how water flows from the exhaust pipe when accelerating. It should be borne in mind that with this mode of car’s operation, the constant presence of water in the exhaust pipe will lead to its premature destruction by corrosion.

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