How Would You Prevent Your Old Mattresses from Creating Waste?


Mattresses take up a huge amount of space in your home, as well as in the landfill when they are disposed of. But when we opt for a new one, we do not think twice before discarding our old one. But it becomes a great waste when done that way.

Here we will discuss ways on how you can make it an unsightly waste.

Donate the old one

There are multiple national as well as local charitable organizations working closely to help the poor get the mattresses that you no longer need. They also thrift it when necessary. You can donate them yours but make sure that they are free from any form of stain, tear, or odour. The donations will not be accepted if the mattress contains bed bugs. You can call these services way ahead of time to save yourselves the trouble of loading and hauling the mattresses. Try not leaving them at the charities after their work hours. They will not accept them and will mostly end up in landfills.

Look out for recycling facilities

The mattress has various components that can be recycled and used separately. For example,

  • Steel springs- The springs present inside the mattresses contain about 20 pounds of recyclable steel.
  • Foam- The foam of the mattress can be shredded into making the padding of bike helmets and seats for cars.
  • Natural fibers- The cotton and wool mattress cover can be shredded completely. They are used to make completely new textiles.

The toughest thing is actually to find a facility who can conduct the recycling at a faster pace. You can search locally or try finding one on the internet.

Think outside the box

The mattresses are filled with multiple components. It has braids and buttons, nails and screws, and others that you can reuse in multiple projects. The innersprings find most of the usage outside, but the memory foam can be used to make a dog bed or cushions of the chair. Any sort of home project will have the wood slats utilized.

Choose environmentally-friendly mattress

No mattresses are completely green or organic. But you can choose the all-natural latex mattresses that are made from the sap of the rubber trees. This is both a durable and comfortable mattress and is biodegradable.

Recyc-Matelas aims to make the earth greener by recycling mattresses using the best practices.