The Point-To-Point Limo Bus Toronto Destination Transfer Has Been Simplified


No matter where you need to go, Limo bus Toronto Limousine and Livery are your answer to honest, modest service. At BBZ they believe in the transfer of the highest quality destinations. Whether you need to travel from the airport to New York City or from your hotel to a business meeting, we are specialists in the destination service for your needs.

BBZ Limo Company has been in the business of getting people to their destination for almost 150 years. Since 1869, they have been the world-class transport solution for New Jersey and New York, raising the standard of limo services in the region. They do more and more, providing high quality aircraft, outstanding service and world-class vehicles.

Their ships are their pride

Not all livery service can boast of the kind of luxury that is well-placed in our shipping features. Stored seamlessly, inside and out, their ships are the gold standard for all other services in the region. That is the quality you can count on and the comfort you can get from “A” to “B” from one of ther professional drivers.

From city cars to SUVs to stretch limo and buses, BBZ Limo is the technical answer to all your transportation needs. Their ships are built on a flexible basis that respects the diverse needs of our guests. Airport transfers, company pick-ups, tours and special events are all integrated with our many resources. BBZ Limo can help you plan the location transfer for any size group. Their ships are the largest in the region, which means the kind of flexibility that their visitors want.

Professionalism and safety

It has been around for a long time, almost an urban legend. But the truth is that they are living in harmony with the good news of the greatness of the limo service that you will hear in about New Jersey and New York. As the oldest existing limousine service in the region, they have had plenty of time to improve ourselves as a product. But we are more than just a good sign. Their business is built on technology.

They have a business license and have been there since day one. And they are assured of your safety, security, and peace of mind. Not everyone there can say that. At BBZ Limo, they prioritize customer quality and satisfaction. They have a long-standing reputation to keep, which means you can rely on their promises to be kept.

They are passing “on time”.

“Time” is not enough for us, at BBZ Limo. They appear on time and exceed the expectations of our guests by delivering a type of service that is usually reserved for those with material possessions. BBZ believes every visitor is a VIP, simply because they picked up the phone and called us. There are no customer categories with us. Every visitor is a person worthy of exemplary service and high quality destination transfers that they can count on and enjoy.

Tell us what you need

Expert BBZ organizers are waiting for your call. Tell them what you need about your destination and they will take you where you need to go, comfortably and in style.