The Ultimate Guide on How to Remove Rug Stains


You must take significant care of an area rug by cleaning it regularly. For any instances of spills, blots, and undesirable leakage, it is only required for you to act as quickly as you can to remove rug stains. Stains are easier to remove when still wet, but it also requires less time. However, if you fail to do it instantly, there are still other ways to spot clean your area rugs.

Essential Steps for Spot Cleaning

You must obliterate rug stains totally from the carpets or rugs in your home. To start, here are easy-to-follow steps for basic spot cleaning.

  1. It would be best to use a lint-free white cloth whenever you must blot the stained area.
  2. For minor stains, use a dry cloth instead of a wet cloth.
  3. To remove stubborn rug stains, prepare a mix of water and mild detergent.
  4. Use a vacuum when removing various kinds of dirt and accumulated dust.

Easy Techniques to Spot Clean Rugs

Are you having trouble finding the correct technique to get rid of stains? Perhaps you’re unsure of what to do because it’s either you’re unfamiliar with the type of stain or a beginner on spot cleaning area rugs.


For acrylic or latex paint, spot-clean with a detergent mixed with water while the stain is new. But if the spot stays, you can use rubbing alcohol. For oil-based paints, wipe it using unscented mineral spirits, but be careful not to saturate the other side of the rug.


Solidify wax with ice cubes in a plastic pack and scrape it gently. Wet a fabric or cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol and scratch the surface to expel any residual wax.


If you spill a drink on a rig, use a teaspoon of liquid dish cleanser, a pint of warm water, and 1/2 teaspoon of white vinegar. Apply to the spill, wash, and later, blot the mark until dry.

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Use the same cleanser mixture on paint stains, apply, wash, and smudge. If a residue of the mark remains, use a different cleaner—preferably a commercial brand made for this purpose.


Remove rug stains like gum by peeling as much off as you can, then put ice cubes in a plastic pack and spot clean over the rest of the gum to harden it. Scrape the gum off with a spoon or flat blade. Vacuum and use a dry-dissolvable spot cleanser if required.


Splash with icy water, then rub with a detergent mix. Blot until it dries. You can also use a mixture of one cup of vinegar and two cups of water.

Remember that your area rugs will only remain long-lasting if you remove rug stains correctly and ensure they stay free from stains and marks. It’s essential to learn the appropriate techniques to spot clean without harming the rugs’ quality. Lastly, check your carpets regularly to confirm that you didn’t miss a spot.