What Do You Know About the Sides of Your Sewer?



Your side drain is a system of pipelines that connect your home’s drain pipelines to the city’s main sewer line. Despite the fact that you possibly never consider it, it can be one of the largest sources of issues as a property owner. The group at professional plumbing is always available to assist you to recognize your side drain and make sure you’re taking the appropriate safety measures to look after it.

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Who is Accountable for the Side Sewage System?

Although the side sewer is the section of the drain/sewer pipes that rests outside the footprint of your residence, i.e., under your front grass, the property owner still must keep it. If anything occurs to your side drain, it’s no different than if something happened to the pipelines under your kitchen sink. Considering that you’ll be the one covering any kind of expenses your pipes may obtain, it is important to recognize how it works, as well as common problems you might encounter.

Common Side Drain Troubles

  • Side sewage systems are typically damaged by changing soil, tree roots, or digging. Damage in your side sewage system can flood your yard with sewage, block the pipe with dirt, as well as trigger a sewage backup, or allow debris to go into the primary drain line of the city.
  • Along with accidental damage, side drain pipelines can just break over time. How much time they last rely on whether they’re made with copper, concrete, PVC, or other products; however, no material lasts for life.
  • Lastly, your side sewer might become clogged with hygienic products, oil, or various other items purged down your sink or toilet drain that should not have been.

Schedule a Side Drain Evaluation or Repair Service

If you need a side drain examined, you should work with a licensed professional. Since the pipelines attach directly to the primary line of the city, errors could have expensive repercussions for various other homeowners in your location. You must have the proper licenses to make repairs. Luckily, the professional contractors in your area can aid you with that said!