Top 5 ways of blocking Facebook 2021


Social media websites can be very distracting at times and hence tend to interfere with our work. Most of these are oriented towards attracting the users to click the popups and navigate to them automatically. It tends to affect the nature of working and sometimes, it becomes quite natural to get lured into these websites and finally destroy the productive time. However, there are many ways by which one can prevent the use of these websites in devices and hence improve the quality of their time as well. The different types of media can lead to many distractions and hence it becomes very irritating and interfere with our work. So some simple ways can help you to get rid of such unwanted website distractions and benefit a lot from them. These are quite basic steps that anyone can easily follow to update their settings. 

In the case of Windows, all you need to do is to,

  1. Open the host’s file
  2. You have to open the notepad in the administrator mode
  3. Navigate to ‘this Pc’ option and open the drivers’ folder
  4. You should allow editing the host’ file by a simple right-click and go to properties that will appear in the pop-up.
  5. Click on the edit option and then double click on the hosts’ file so that it can be opened in notepad.
  6. Now you have to place the cursor right at the bottom portion of the host’s file and press enter
  7. Now you may add the address of the website you want to block and then save the host’s files.
  8. Now you may restart your computer and your work of blocking the website would have been completed. So it is all about a certain website blocking basics that if done in the right way, can block access to the needed websites in the most efficient way. The same process can be repeated in the case of Mac as well.

In the case of mobile phones, there are many applications available that can be easily downloaded and prevent selective access to the applications easily. All you need to do is to download the app, navigate to the settings, and there you will be able to see how the application will be working with the blocking of websites and also ensure that access has been granted to the application. So these are quite easy ways to shut off the Facebook in an effective way. A similar method applies to mobile phones using ioS where the apps can be downloaded from the app store specifically built in the device. Hence these ways can help you to limit your use and preventing these websites from becoming a distraction as well. We promote Work Examiner’s products that will help the users to take care of their productivity.