Where Would You Find Registered Canadian Customs Brokers?


The customs brokers can be of immense help if you are importing goods into Canada from the USA or some other nation. With the entire thing being very complex and involving a lot many steps, hiring a professional broker will be benefiting you. A professional will be an expert on the rules, regulations as well as paperwork that are important in the process. You can fill the paperwork and obtain Customs bonds when you start working with them.

How to find a customs broker?

There might be surprisingly 11,000 registered and authorized brokers found in Canada and it is important to settle with the best one. With many scattered around the country, certain resources would help you find one qualified broker right near you.

  • The broker website- The first place to search for the Canadian customs brokers is on the broker list present on the official site of CBSA. This is the place where every licensed broker by the CBSA will be displayed all at once. The list will organize the names based on your desired point of entry. You will also get to fetch their details for specific ports along with their contact details getting attached there.
  • The member directory- This is another spot for finding the authorized brokers distinguished trade-wise. This is the list of the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of Canada member directory. This consists of the details of the nation’s leading freight forwarders, customs brokers, ocean transportation teams, and air cargo agencies. The list has tools to filter out your search based on requirements and location. They contain direct information about these brokers.
  • Quick online searches- This is the best solution to get your hands on the best customs agent who is right beside you. Your location will be easily assessed by the browser to reveal the brokers whom you can work with without much delay. You will also get to find the reviews of the brokers which are authentic and have been published by other businesses who opted for their services. You can also run a comparative study among all of the available options and analyze various parameters like efficiency, service, success rate, communication, and pricing.

Choosing the right broker is going to elevate your import experience to the maximum and hence choosing Clearit.ca customs brokers is the best option. You can rest assured that they are the potential broker who can meet all your needs.