Why Businesses Should Consider Managed Print Solutions?


In light of the global pandemic, digital transformation has seen a steep acceleration. Remote working has become more popular, and many businesses are turning to manage print solutions for additional support.Managed Print Solutions are services which essentially rely on computer software to monitor print activities within a company. This software assesses patterns in print behaviour so that employers can have more control over how a printer is used, generally understand their print environment, and therefore reduce their carbon footprint. Managed print services are also able to create printing rules, authenticate users and general manage devices.

There are many benefits for businesses when it comes to working with this type of service because it optimises the print process to not only cut back on print and copy spend, but also to increase productivity among the staff. Furthermore, it can improve security and is kinder to the environment. It’s easy to implement, so should not disrupt your day-to-day operation. Here are some of the features of managed print solutions:

Realtime Reporting

The technology integrated by managed print services monitors the use or toner, ink, and paper, alerting you when it is running low so that it can be replaced in good time. This reduces downtime because it means that you should never run out of any of these consumables unexpectedly.

Follow Me Printing

This is a tool which allows users to release a print job from a device most convenient to them, which is great for large offices. The user enters a unique code into the device of their choosing, or uses an ID card to release the job, rather than having to trek across the office to the device where their documents have been released. This is also great for security, because it means that a document is only released when the user is there to retrieve it, rather than it sitting on a device for an extended period of time to potentially be lost or stolen.

On-Screen Notifications

This alerts a user when a particular device is busy, giving them the option to reroute if desired. Other pop-up warnings include features such as suggesting double sided printing or monochrome printing, for efficient use of ink and paper.

Smartphone/Tablet Printing

This is great for convenience, because it means that a user does not necessarily have to be at their desk in order to print something. They don’t even have to be in the same building! This flexibility is of the utmost importance nowadays.

So, in conclusion, it is wise for large corporations to invest in managed print solutions for a variety of reasons. Not only is it convenient and economical, it’s also an opportunity to educate users on their environmental impact and how to find areas of improvement. The global pandemic has inspired the release of a range of management tools that support hybrid working, for businesses who are only returning to the office part-time.