The Benefits of Technology in Education


Technology has undeniably altered life as we know it and schools are adapting to keep up with the times. It’s an essential part of our everyday lives and educators must remain reactive and find ways to integrate it into learning. Interactive whiteboards have taken the place of traditional chalkboards, and many schools have a surplus or iPads and other brands of tablets.

Many parents and educational professionals have wondered whether this advancement in technology is positive for students, or a detriment to their learning. In fact, lots of parents are concerned with the amount of time their children are spending playing on their technological devices, because it discourages them from playing outdoors, getting exercise and fresh air. However, there are actually many ways that technology can help support a child’s education. An English summer school have put together the following information regarding the benefits of technology in education and how it can help your child with their learning…

Engages All Types of Learners

Traditional classroom environments are great, but they can become quite stale if teachers can’t come up with new ways to inspire their students. Many people consider technology to be a distraction, but it can actually encourage participation in lessons. With technology, teachers can use audio-visual presentations, interactive games and quizzes and other educational programmes to make their subject content more exciting and keep their students engaged.

This is especially true for children who have unique learning styles. We all absorb information in different ways, and in order to cater to each and every child, teachers have to find different methods to keep them involved. With technology, children can learn at their own pace – if they are struggling, they can slow down and repeat the activity, or speed ahead if they’re finding it easy. This isn’t something they are usually able to do when listening to a teacher talking at the front of a classroom.

Encourages Home Learning

Technology is great for parents too, especially if they are looking for ways to encourage their children to continue learning after school and during the holidays. Children can download learning apps onto their phones or tablets and have some fun whilst they learn.

Helps with Administration

Technology is great for automating various admin tasks, like communicating with parents, taking registers, and even grading student work. What’s more, lots of schools are embracing social media as a way to keep parents up to date on latest events or sharing resources.

Prepares Children for the Future

It is also argued that using technology at school prepares children for the future. They learn how to create PowerPoint presentations, calculate formulas in Excel and some schools even offer coding lessons. What’s more, they become familiar with the dangers of technology and how to use it safely, as well as understanding things like plagiarism and copyright infringement. As a result, children leave school equipped with various important skills that are necessary in today’s digital world.

Technology is also great for distance learning, which has become a necessity over the past couple of years in light of the global pandemic. It has meant that students were able to continue learning from home despite not being able to go to school. Even though students are returning to the classroom now, it is unlikely that the remote technological practises they have become familiar with will be forgotten.