Will a criminal record haunt you for the rest of your life?


Alex Freeburg, personal injury attorney in Jackson, Wyoming, started as a criminal defense attorney. He saw how criminal records can hold people back from getting good jobs.

The Freeburg Law firm built a free Wyoming expungement tool that generates accurate, quality expungement documents.

“This is a DIY option for those who want to get the ball rolling on an expungement if they’re not ready or able to hire an attorney,” Freeburg said. “It’s a free way for people to help themselves.”

The tool generates documents to petition Wyoming courts to expunge misdemeanor convictions and arrests. 

After the petitioner fills out the form, they download their documents in PDF or Word format to submit to the Court.

What documents does the tool create?

  1. The first document is the Petition for Expungement. It asks the court to consider sealing the record. It identifies the petitioner and the case numbers for the records to be expunged.
  2. The second document is the Proposed Order for Expungement. The judge signs it to grant the petition. It contains the instructions for the court to complete the expungement.
  3. The tool also generates letters for the prosecuting attorney and the Division of Criminal Investigation. The petitioner must send them copies of the expungement documents before the judge considers the expungement. The prosecutor and investigators have 30 days to submit any objections to the court.

“We see great value in the tool. It eliminates the financial barrier for people who are trying to clear their record,” Freeburg said.

“It’s totally possible for a thousand Wyomingites to use the tool to clear their name. Wouldn’t that be cool?” Freeburg said.

Alex is available for phone, audio, and video interviews about expungement in Wyoming, let’s start a ruckus!