Domestic Violence: Types and Penalties


It is no hidden fact that couples fight. It might be a minor argument regarding the chores or the finances. Most of the time, they shout at each other, release their frustration, work out their problems and reconcile in the end. Problems arise when their arguments escalate with time, and they end up hurting each other, or one may harm the partner. Here, hurting does not mean only physical, but in any other way as well. Then it takes the form of domestic violence. According to some reports, one in every four women and one in every seven men may face physical domestic violence. It is a serious issue and can even lead to imprisonment. Further in this article, you will learn about the various types of domestic violence and penalties.

Types of Domestic Violence

As mentioned earlier, violence does not mean only physical violence.  Broadly, there are five types of domestic violence –

  • Physical Violence- It is probably the most visible and recognizable form of domestic violence. It constitutes of various things, like any physical trauma or hitting, forcing drugs, etc. It does not have to be a grave injury, as the law recognizes even a slap as a form of physical abuse.
  • Emotional Violence- Where physical abuse leaves marks on the body of the victim, emotional violence attacks dignity. Constant criticism, attacking self-worth, insult and humiliation are some forms of emotional violence. Some states may require evidence of other types of abuse to register a case under domestic violence.
  • Sexual Violence- Disturbingly, this is another common form of domestic abuse that generally goes uninformed. It is also known as reproductive coercion. The victim can file a case if the abuser coerces them to stop using contraceptive methods or get an abortion or any other form of sexual violence.
  • Financial Abuse- For obvious reasons, this is one of the most neglected forms of violence. It can take many forms, like not allowing education to the partner, not letting them get a job, controlling their finances, etc. It usually occurs when the partners pool their money in a joint account, and the dominant one assumes its control. It results in compromising the financial security of the other one.
  • Psychological Abuse- It is an umbrella term that consists of threatening, blackmailing, or any fear-inducing characteristics. These behaviors have to be consistent and regular to qualify as a case of domestic violence. Like emotional abuse, the victim needs evidence of other types of abuse to make a case of domestic violence.

These are the types of domestic violence. While these charges are enough for filing a case against the abuser, their records also affect their punishment and sentence. If the abuser has previous felonies registered against them or inflicted grave injuries, the prison sentence can extend even up to 5-7 years in jail and a fine up to $10000. Depending on the case filed, multiple courts handle these cases.

If you or your loved one is facing these charges in the Orange County area of California, you can contact a bail bonds agent. If not very grave, domestic violence is bailable, and an Orange County bail bonds agent can help you post bail. Contact them, and they will help you in the best manner.