All About the Composite Dental Fillings and Their Usage


It is quite common for people to have cavities and require a dental filling, but very few people know about the various options available. So here in this article, we are going to talk all about composite dental fillings and how and when they can be used.

Composite dental fillings are an alternative solution to the traditional method of metal tooth fillings. It is safe and a long-term treatment that can be done at the clinic. Hekmat Dental Care, which has one of the best dentists Poway provides all the modern dentistry that can be helpful for the whole family. For more details, you can contact their clinic or visit their website.

What is a composite dental filling?

Whenever you have a cavity, your dentist will remove all the decay from your tooth and will fill up the cover with a filling where the decayed material was. So earlier, a silver-coloured material called amalgam was used as a filling, but it had a total contrast shade, which is quite visible from the shade of your tooth. Over time, many other options of fillings were considered and one of them is composite dental filling.

Composite fillings are made of a mixture of plastic and ceramic that is mainly tooth coloured. This is one of the best options when your teeth are exposed when you smile or talk. They are also called resin fillings, white fillings and tooth-coloured fillings.

Composite fillings do come in a variety of different material, and it works the best when they have to protect your teeth from any decay and damage. During consultation with your dentist in Rancho Bernardo, you can discuss various options for your case.

What is the procedure for applying composite fillings?

It is a very straightforward treatment that will take about 20 to 30 minutes. Just like any other treatment, here your dentist will numb your teeth and will remove any decay or affected parts. They will then clean that area properly and place a composite filling. These filings are made as per the shape of your teeth and the area where the filling or the covering needs to fit correctly. It is then placed on the area securely so that it achieves a natural look and functions like any other natural tooth.

This procedure is generally a painless procedure where an aesthetic is injected to numb that particular tooth. So, when the filling is placed in your teeth, it is not painful and is a routine part of your procedure. If there is any kind of discomfort, then you can check with your dentist for advice.

What are the benefits?

  • Composite fillings blend well with your natural teeth making them look just like your natural teeth
  • The material that is used is flexible enough where you will require less drilling and let you preserve your natural tooth
  • The material like resin, which is used will help to strongly bond with your teeth
  • They are strong enough to withstand any kind of pressure
  • They are the best options for small fillings and repairs
  • Composite is the best for other cosmetic alterations when you want to change the colour or the shape of your teeth.

How long can these fillings last?

Although composite fillings are made or designed in a way to withstand the amount of stress you can put on your natural teeth every day, they can at times get damaged, loosen or even fall out. So, surely this can be replaced as and when required. If such things happen, you need to contact your dentist as early as possible so that your tooth doesn’t fall prey to infection.

What are the most common reasons why composite fillings are required?

  • Bleeding gums is a major sign that you will need a dental professional. This may be caused due to problems like gingivitis, tooth decay or any other gum and tooth-related diseases.
  • Pain is another important sign that will make you feel the need for tooth filling. Any kind of pain during eating or drinking anything could be a sign of a decayed tooth.
  • Cavities are one of the heightened ways of sensitivity of the tooth. So, when you start feeling that you are becoming sensitive to the different temperatures of the food and drinks when you consume them then it is the time that you meet a professional and get your tooth checked.
  • Bad breath is not very common though like other reasons, but if you are having a constant bad breath then you are not supposed to be taking it lightly or ignored. It indicates a serious underlying problem. Bad breath is also associated with cavities, which requires a dental procedure.

What are the signs you need to replace your fillings?

Again, you can see the following symptoms:

  • Toothache
  • Sensitivity in tooth
  • Pain which will come and go
  • Pressure when you will bite
  • When you see that your filling is loose or fractured

Composite dental fillings are a perfect way to restore your tooth cavity. So, if you feel there is a need for replacement, then you need to find the cosmetic dentist Rancho Bernardo immediately.