The Duties of a Bodyguard: REVEALED


The job of a bodyguard isn’t as easy as it seems. They have to protect important people from antisocial elements. There are many delinquent minds around the world. No matter where you go – you will find criminals trying to dull your spirit, steal from you, threaten you, and make your life a living hell.

We have also heard about terrorists trying to break into buildings and social events. It can get dangerous if terrorists and criminals enter a social setting or a commercial space. That’s precisely why you need enhanced security options.

Bodyguards are trained to keep terrorists and criminals away from such settings. If you’ve read your history books, you would know the kind of instances that took place.

There were times when political leaders were shot dead in social settings.

These days bodyguards are equipped to take care of grave situations. Hold that thought!

Have you ever thought about the duties of a bodyguard? Well, here’s a quick post that discusses the duties of a bodyguard. We will also tell you why you need them.

Let’s dive right in!

List of Duties of a Bodyguard

Bodyguards are different from security guards that protect your building. The former has direct interaction with the clients.

Bodyguards also have a lot of information about their client’s daily schedules. They ensure that the clients stay safe at all times. You will find many important people with bodyguards – they need extra security in social settings and even private setups.

Here’s a list of their duties:

• Perform background checks of new staff, employees, and vendors.

• Management of large gatherings/crowds.

• Driving the car of the client when an emergency arises.

• Identifying unauthorized and suspicious people.

• Securing any public location before the client reaches the scene. It could be award shows, political speeches, conferences, etc.

• Escorting the client when needed (conferences, large gatherings like weddings, events, etc).

The client relies on the bodyguard for safety. In fact, bodyguards have special techniques and weapons to keep anti-socials at bay.

Since a bodyguard needs to protect the clients, he needs to be physically fit, trained to fight, and highly confidential.

Firearms training and defense skills are very important for this job.

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